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The plunger is mainly used to transport fluid in a pump or compressor.

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The plunger is mainly used to transport fluid in a pump or compressor. Its working principle is: it is assembled in a long cylinder block and can be used for forward and backward (push-pull) movement. There are two inlet and outlet pipes respectively equipped with valves to connect with the cylinder body. The gap between the plunger and the cylinder body is provided with a suitable seal. When the plunger is pulled back, the outlet pipe valve is closed and the inlet pipe valve is opened, The fluid is drawn into the cylinder body from the inlet pipe. When the plunger is pushed forward, the valve of the inlet pipe is closed and the valve of the outlet pipe is opened. The fluid in the cylinder body is pressed and sent out from the outlet pipe. The plunger keeps reciprocating in the cylinder body, and the fluid is continuously transported to the target mechanism. This is the role of the plunger. Usually, the plunger is used in the occasion with high working pressure.

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Plunger element is the dominant product of our factory, and its output has been in the leading position in China for a long time. Quality has always been our pursuit, customer satisfaction has always been our goal.  At present, we can produce plunger element to meet the needs of customers.

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