Fuel Injection System

  • Fuel Nozzle

    Fuel Nozzle

    The flow area of the discharge port is increasable in response to increasing fuel pressure in the inlet as fuel pressure acts against the diaphragm to displace the edge away from the body stationary surface.

  • Delivery Valve

    Delivery Valve

    A control valve for use in a dual or split brake system having a shuttle or warning piston movable from a centered position to opposed translated positions to energize a driver-warning lamp in response to a predetermined differential between separate supplied fluid pressures acting thereon.

  • Plunger Element

    Plunger Element

    The plunger is mainly used to transport fluid in a pump or compressor.

  • Fuel Pump

    Fuel Pump

    A fuel pump wherein the fuel delivery to the engine is interrupted by means of a magnet.

  • Fuel Injector

    Fuel Injector

    With over 50 years experience in this field ,we can provide fuel injectors that meet various standards to meet the needs of different customers.